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Subject: [Rezone] Bauhaus Workshop
From:    "Linda" <chetri la gmail.com>
Date:    Mon, March 10, 2008 15:00
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 *Veimāras neatkarīgā teātra grupa "Theaterhaus Weimar", kas realizējusi
vairākus projektus arī Latvijā (Šillers "Laupītāji" 2007.g. pavasarī
Andrejsalā, "Eiforija" 2003.g.) aicina uz darbnīcu, lekcijām un
pasākumiem "Telpas aparāti" no 23. līdz 28.aprīlim Veimārā.

Pasākumi ir veltīti BAUHAUS jubilejai 2009. gadā.

Aicināti mediju mākslinieki, performances mākslinieki, dizaineri,
Pieteikšanās līdz 20.martam. 10-15 dalībniekiem ceļš un uzturēšanās
tiks apmaksāti.*

Sīkaka informācija angliski:

RAUMAPPARATE - Space apparatuses Workshop - lectures - meetings April
23 - 28 2008 in Weimar

>From April 23 until 28, the initiative "Theatre house Weimar"
organizes together with "German National Theatre Weimar" and the
"Bauhaus University" a workshop with the title RAUMAPPARATE (space
apparatuses). In preparation of the BAUHAUS-YEAR 2009 (on occasion of
then 90th anniversary of the Bauhaus-school in Weimar), this workshop
invites media designers, performance artists, and stage designers.
The 5-day work-space situation aims for collecting sketches, texts,
reflections, drafts, contributions of most diverse medial condition,
from to spatial design to and spatial apparatuses in theatre contexts.
A material book will be produced in the collaboration with "Bauhaus
University's" publisher. We invite daily guests to public meetings,
which supply their input to the idea if the "Bauhaus-Bühne" ("Bauhaus
stage") and contemporary theatre practice.

Starting point of the meeting is the occupation with the stage
workshop at the Bauhaus-school in Weimar in the years 1919 to 1925,
particularly under the influence of the artists Oskar Schlemmer and
László Moholy Nagy. For the painter Paul Klee, the stage stood, beside
the building structure (architecture), in the centre of the

„The correct demand today", meant László Moholy Nagy in his
manifest-like text „Mechanical eccentric" (1925), is „a real form and
movement organization, which is equivalently related to the today's
producible acoustic and optical (electrical) phenomena ". This seems
to be not just about space or stage design but touches the ideas of
space creating and producing constellations, machines, and bodies. The
possibilities of the digital aspect are to be considered, too. „The
consequence is that it must be with the theatre writer and with its
literature to end.", Nagy writes.

„For a long time, the theatre without subject was identified with the
mechanic, automatic, the rigid functioning. At the latest since
Deleuze and Guattari were rethinking the machine as creative and
constitutive structure, the relationship of conception and production
became interesting again." (H. Schmidgen). The design approach to the
- on the one hand - conventional and - on the other hand - to
visionary theatre apparatuses, which may create spaces and be spaces
themselves - this approach will become artistic practice as the result
of the workshop. Thus, our meeting shall take a historical
perspective, but it will mainly provide a platform for experiments and
present above all current positions of artists and theorists.

The meetings will partly take place in German and in English language.
Location of the workshop will be a large apartment, which possesses a
salon for public events, various work places. An Internet connection
will be available. Beside the common activities, like presentations of
all participants and lectures, there are meals, discussions etc. and
time to individual working. A garden area is likewise available.
The costs for travel and accommodation of the 10-15 participants of
the workshop will be paid by the organizer.

At www.raumapparate.de, a meeting program, link list, search material
and organizational information will be online shortly.
Applications for a participation in the workshop are, with a short
idea sketch, to be addressed until March 20th by email to to Kathrin
Schäfer or Janek Mueller: raumapparate la web.de
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