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Vin Mar 14 23:41:51 CET 2008

O scurta informatie pentru cei care vor sa aplice la atelierele organizate
in cadrul Festivalului international de film scurt IN THE PALACE din
Balchik, Bulgaria.
exista posibilitatea sa beneficiati si de o bursa.
multe succese.

mai multe gasiti pe acest website: http://film-fest.org

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Subject: Re: [artbox] IN THE PALACE call for participation: "Say: Action"
2      workshops
From:    "Short Film Fest IN THE PALACE" <mail la film-fest.org>
Date:    Fri, March 14, 2008 11:36
To:      ober la emdash.org

Dear Vladimir,

To be eligible to apply for the workshops, you need to have finished the
2-nd year of your professional film education and be proficient in the
English language.

The price for the workshops differs and will be stated separately. There
is a limited amount of scholarships which you can apply for by sending a
CV and a motivation letter to mail la film-fest.org.

The deadline for application is May 15.

oberlist mailing list написа:
> Dear Tsanko Vasilev,
> could you please send more detailes regarding the application process, how
> to apply and where to, email or postal address, website etc.
> thank you in advance,
> Vladimir.

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