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Subject: [balkans] Conference: Post-Yugoslavian generation, Barcelona,
From:    "Rodrigo Araya Dujisin" <raraya la gmail.com>
Date:    Thu, April 17, 2008 21:59
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Post-Yugoslavian generation: Identity and Transition in Bosnia and Serbia

One day conference
Tuesday 29th of April, 2008
Departamento de Antropología Social y Cultural, Universidad Autónoma de

The conference will address the following topics: 'Cultural change in
transitional Serbia'; 'Culture and identity in new serbian constitution'
and 'Anthropology of multiculturalism in Bosnia'. The afternoon session
will involve presentations including two ongoing research using social
network analysis: 'Networks of Identification among Bosnian Youth' and
'Multitudes and Networks in the fall of Milosevic'

Speakers include: Bojan Žikić (Ethnology Department, University of
Belgrade), Miloš Milenković (Ethnology Department, University of
Belgrade), Džemal Sokolović (Institute for Strengthening Democracy,
Konjic, Bosnia-Hercegovina), Francisco Veiga (History, Barcelona),
Claudia Aguilar (Anthropology, Barcelona), Rodrigo Araya (Anthropology,


The working language of the Conference is English
The conference is coordinated by José Luis Molina:
joseluis.molina la uab.es
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