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2008-04-03 19:08:30

Ulaanbaatar, /MONTSAME/. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
has budgeted MNT 42 million for ongoing counting exhibits of museums in

Started in October 2007, the action will last til June 2008. In
cooperation with the State Professional Control Agency, the ministry has
examined a registration of both displayed exhibits and written off ones,
and has checked whether or not exhibits substituted and precious artifacts
are in former sizes and weights.

The inspection has revealed that 47 exhibits have been lost in the museum
of Khovsgol aimag and a few priceless artifacts in the Museum of National
History. The police is examining the cases.

The Government is carrying out a program on digitalizing the national
cultural heritage. In Mongolia, 15 organizations keep 289 unique and
priceless exhibits. Museums are connected to the alarm system.

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