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2nd Young Cultural Policy Researchers Forum: Call for abstracts
15 October 2008 to 16 October 2008
Lyon, France

The second Young Researchers Forum will be organised in Lyon from 15 – 16
October 2008 at the occasion of the ENCATC 16th ENCATC International
Conference and the Cultural Policy Research Award (CPRA) ceremony.

Organised to stimulate the creation of a network of young cultural policy
researchers with European competencies the Young Cultural Policy
Researchers Forum has the ambition to give tomorrow’s scientists the
possibility to exchange content related aspects and results of their work,
and to exchange about different methods and relevant fields of research.

The Forum 2008 will focus on “Cross-cultural, qualitative approaches to
cultural policy research” and will be organized by ENCATC in partnership
with the University Lumière II and with the support of the European
Cultural Foundation.

To what extend we, as cultural policy researchers, are effective when
using such comparative crosscultural approaches? What are our approaches
to culturally diverse countries and regions where policies and realities
are sometimes incomparable? What are the difficulties we face and the
lessons we learn when implementing cross-cultural approaches in our
analytical framework? How do we collaborate and share such comparative
cross-cultural methods of research in a networking mode, both online and
offline? Do we explore all possible resources for research and how do we
use Internet to enrich our research experiences? Do the policy
recommendations we offer as a result of our research consider the
diversity of our societies and cross-cultural communication at all levels?
The Forum for Young Researchers aims at answering these questions in an
open atmosphere, and considering the viewpoint of emerging cultural policy


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