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Subject: [artbox] Museum Residency: International Print - Bursary offered
and studio space provided
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Date:    Wed, April 23, 2008 13:16
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Museum Residency: International Print
Bursary offered and studio space provided

The V&A is establishing a series of six month residencies in the Sackler
Centre for arts education at the V&A (opening summer 2008). A partnership
between the V&A, londonprintstudios and London Printworks Trust presents a
new opportunity for mid career practitioners to have a studio at the V&A
and to have access to the partners' print workshops for six months,
commencing in January 2009. Proposals are invited from non UK based
artists and makers working with, or wishing to work in print, who wish to
develop their practice through working with the V&A collections, using the
facilities at the London Printworks Trust and londonprintstudio and by
engaging in the public programmes that all three partner organisations
run. Deadline for applications: 9th May 2008

To apply go to www.vam.ac.uk/jobs

The V&A Residency Programme is generously supported by the Paul Hamlyn
Foundation and The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

The International Print Residency is funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.
The International Print Residency is a partnership between the V&A, London
Printworks Trust and londonprintstudio.

Museum Residency: International Print
Information for applicants
The Victoria and Albert Museum in partnership with two of the UK's leading
centres in print innovation - London Printworks Trust (LPT) and
londonprintstudio (lps) is inviting applications from experienced and
established non UK based artists and designers working either in print, or
with an interest in working in print, for a residency based in the Sackler
Centre for arts education at the V&A. This is part of an exciting new
programme of residencies. It will take place in London over a six-month
period from January - June 2009.

The bursary is open to non UK-based artists and designers. It will provide
a monthly payment (taxable) to contribute to living expenses,
accommodation, travel and some materials. Training, workshop facilities
and studio space will be provided to the selected artist. An experienced
team, drawn from the partner organisations, will provide support to the
selected artist / designer throughout the project.

We are particularly interested in practitioners who wish to work with the
V&A's collections and use the resources of the LPT and LPS and who would
also welcome the opportunity to work on projects with the public.
Applicants should have a track record of development and regular exposure
of new work.

The partners
The three partners are:
londonprintstudio: professional artist workshops specialising in paper.
London Printworks Trust: professional artist workshops specialising in

V&A: the world's greatest museum of art and design, with collections
unrivalled in their scope and diversity. http://www.vam.ac.uk/
The new Sackler Centre for arts education at the V&A, opening in Summer
2008, will have two studios for museum residencies to be occupied by
artists/ craftspeople/ designers/ writers/ performers/ architects/ film
and video makers etc. There will be 4 residencies of varying disciplines,
each of 6 months (26 weeks) each year. This programme is integral to the
philosophy of the Sackler Centre, helping to make it a dynamic, creative
space. The print resident will also spend time at LPT and LPS on
activities to be agreed between the partners and the resident. LPT and lps
will offer the selected Resident access to print and printmaking
facilities, specialist technical and professional development support
working flexibly in response to the Resident's needs.

Purpose of the Residency
This exciting opportunity offers practitioners access to the collections
of the world's greatest museum of art and design for use as creative
inspiration to make new work; support to learn new skills and develop
creative practice using London's best print facilities and drawing upon
specialist expertise; opportunities to meet practitioners, curators, and
technical experts in print and also to work alongside specialist educators
to promote greater understanding of art and design research and practice
for the public.

The aims of the residency are to:
- Enable the selected practitioner to draw upon the V&A's collections to
carry out research,
learn new skills and create new work
- Inspire public interest in graphic and textile art and design.
- Offer professional development to the selected practitioner in print
practice, public engagement and education work
- Create links between the V&A's collections and contemporary print making.
- Undertake an imaginative project to engage the public (this could
include workshops, open studios, talks, presentations, masterclasses etc.)
- Facilitate new developments in contemporary and experimental print
- Raise the profile and promote innovation and excellence in contemporary
print practice

We would like to achieve a balance of benefits for the artist, the public
and the three partners.

Residents will be expected to:
- be based at the LPT, LPS or the V&A for a minimum of three days per week
- open their studio at the V&A to the public for six half days per month
- display work in progress in their studio (there may also be other
opportunities for display elsewhere)
- undertake a project with the public
- contribute to the process of dissemination on the V&A, LPT and LPS websites
- provide feedback for the purposes of evaluation

Selection Criteria
Proposals should be dynamic, ambitious and inspiring - pushing forward
boundaries of perception about graphic and textile contemporary print
practice. We are looking for an applicant who can adopt a range of
different roles and who is keen to draw upon the resources of the partner
organisations and to enter into a dialogue with the public

Candidates must demonstrate:
- good spoken English
- creative originality and professionalism in their work
- dynamic and inspiring ideas about how they would use this opportunity to
develop their practice and how they intend to meet the aims of the
- ideas for innovative ways to respond to opportunities to work with the
V&A's collections and with LPT and LPS
-  an interest in working in educational / community settings

Note: Work created during the residency remains the property of the V&A
for the duration of the residency. At the end of the residency ownership
will be transferred to the resident. Any work made with during a public
workshop remains the property of the V&A.

The artist will be paid approximately £7180 during their 6 month residency
in monthly instalments. This fee will be subject to income tax and
National Insurance. This fee is inclusive of travel costs within the UK
and living expenses. There will be an additional budget for studio
equipment and materials to be agreed with the Residency Co-ordinator. One
return flight to the UK will be paid for by the partner organisations.

Support offered
The successful applicant will have support in the following areas for the
duration of the residency:
- securing living accommodation for the duration of the Residency
- communication support
- obtaining a visa for the UK (if required) and relevant paperwork
- gaining access to artist networks

The Studio is on Level 1 of the Sackler Centre. It has water, power,
light, wi-fi and space for display. Other spaces in the Sackler Centre,
for example the Art, Design or Digital Studios will be available for
working with the public.

To apply
Applicants should apply online at the V&A's website at www.vam.ac.uk/jobs
where you will be asked to submit a current CV and complete an application
In addition to submitting your application on-line, please also upload 8
images of your work with your application. They must be file size 70 dpi
and no larger than 9 x 12cm (portrait or landscape), 340 x 255 pixels.
These files should be saved as the name of the Image (see below)

Within the folder, each image should be labelled with your name and number
from 1 to 12 Digital images must be saved as JPEG files and should have
the suffix . jpg

Please provide a description of each image following the outline below:
- Image 1 (name of image - please save the file under this name)
- Title
- Materials used
- Dimensions
- Year Made
- Description
Applicants must be available for this project from 5th January to 30th
June 2009. The selection process will be carried out by a panel of
representative from the V&A, the LPT and the LPS.

Applicants will be short-listed from the images and supporting information
and those selected will be invited for interview by Skype and /or
telephone. Interviews will take place on the 3rd & 4th June 2008 (GMT).
Candidates must be available for interview on these dates.

If you have any queries regarding the recruitment process, you can email
us - hr la vam.ac.uk.

Closing date for receipt of applications is 9th May 2008
Interviews will take place on 3rd and 4th June (between 10.00 - 17.00 GMT)
Residency will begin in January 2009 and end in June 2009.
The V&A Residency Programme is generously supported by the Paul Hamlyn
Foundation and The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

The International Print Residency is funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.
The International Print Residency is a partnership between the V&A, London
Printworks Trust and londonprintstudio.
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