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Subject: [artbox] Leadership Development Programme for young people from
South-eastern Europe - call for applications
From:    "Margarita Dorovska" <mdorovska la mail.cult.bg>
Date:    Wed, April 23, 2008 15:34
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Dear colleague,

In an effort to support the integration process in South-eastern Europe,
*/the TRANSFUSE Association from Berlin and the College of Europe/ *from
Bruges *are organising the third year a Leadership Development Programme
*/for young people/ from South-eastern Europe, as well as broader Europe
and the United States, who aspire to play an active role in the future
of their countries.

The 2008/09 Programme will consist of the following activities:

*Two-week** Summer Academy in Germany (Berlin/Surrounding) - 30 August -
13 September 2008
*The curriculum will include topics related to the European Union and
the development of its relations with Southeast Europe as well as wider
issues of international and economic relations. Practical training
components focussing on negotiations, project management and
presentation skills will provide participants with essential leadership

*Group Activities in Southeast Europe - between November 2008 and March 2009
*The participants will work together in small groups to develop and
implement a joint activity or an event in South-eastern Europe.

*Five-day Seminar in Belgium (Brussels/Bruges) - April 2009
*The Final Seminar offers visits to the EU institutions and NATO in
Brussels and to the Campus of the College of Europe in Bruges.

The Programme will be led by an Academic Dean, who will guide the
participants through the different aspects of the Programme. The working
language of the Programme is English. The participants are expected to
be available during the overall period of the Programme (July 2008 –
April 2009) and to attend each planned activity.

Only 30 selected applicants (young professionals, 23-28 years old) will
be invited to participate. /Their participation in the Programme will be
*sponsored by the Robert Bosch Foundation and the King Baudouin
Foundation */**

*Apply online: www.seeyoungleaders.org
<file:///%5C%5Cwww.seeyoungleaders.org%5C> *

*Application deadline: 9 May 2008 *

Please don’t hesitate to circulate it to your friends, from
South-eastern Europe, the EU and the US.

/For further info on the programme www.seeyoungleaders.org or write to
LDP la coleurop.be/

The College of Europe - Development Office

Margarita Dorovska
Cult.bg Foundation
tel:+359 (0)2 439 01 64
fax:+359 (0)2 983 48 43

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