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International Theatre Workshop, Biennale de Venezia, Venice, 27 Oct - 27
Nov (deadline: 29 Sep)

For the first time the Venice Biennale’s Theatre section, directed by
Maurizio Scaparro, plans its activity over a period of two years and
around a single theme, the Mediterranean. Two different activities which
are closely correlated, in new ways.

The International Theatre Workshop, which will take place in Venice from
October 27th to November 27th 2008, develops around the idea of theatre as
a “construction site for art”, in which the works of tomorrow may take
root and sediment, while offering the young and future artists an
opportunity for an educational experience, the communication of knowledge
and a direct rapport within a research project.

Many of the workshops scheduled for November, will later flow into the
40th International Theatre Festival –which will be held shortly before
Carnival, from February 20th to March 8th 2009– this time in the form of
performances, that will follow the presentation of some of the development
phases during the International Theatre Workshop.

The Workshop and the Festival are inspired by the theme of the
Mediterranean, seen as “a complex place of encounters and currents, which
implies the movement of peoples, histories and cultures, which underlines
the continuous sense of historic transformation and cultural tradition
that makes it a place of continuous transition” (I. Chambers). The first
part of the project takes place along a journey that begins with our
literary and cultural roots to end with the burning realities of the
history of our times -from Palestine to Lebanon, from Israel to the

The International Theatre Workshop will be distributed across the five
great themes that express the many facets of the Mediterranean:
Shakespeare’s Sea, Myths Rediscovered, Once upon a Time, The Lingua Franca
of the Mediterranean Ports, and Sans papiers.

all those who wish to participate in the International Theatre Workshop
(27 October – 27 November 2008) must:

· Be 18 years of age or over when the workshop begins

· Fill in the application form [Word format, 245 KB] and indicate which
specific workshop they wish to attend

· Send the application form no later than 29 September 2008 to e-mail
mediterraneo la labiennale.org or to fax +39 041 52 18 843, signing the final
clause on the treatment of personal data

· Send their CV along with the application form

Candidates who wish to participate in more than one workshop are requested
to send a single application form for each selected workshop.

Selection of candidates will take place by considering the curriculums
sent; the artistic director and the curator of each specific workshop will
be in charge of the selection process.

Selected candidates will receive an e-mail confirming their admission to
the workshop; they will have to confirm back their participation by

Enrollment and attendance to the workshops are entirely free of charge.
There will be no payment or fee to attend the workshops. There will be no
grants, free accomodation or meal tickets for attendees.

Selected candidates will have to get to the place where workshops are held
with their own means of transport and at one’s own expense.

The curator of each specific workshop may exclude attendees from a
workshop because of disciplinary reasons or other reasons connected to the
educational activity. Exclusion from a workshop will be directly
communicated to attendees.

Check out the program of the International Theatre Workshop

How to participate? International Theatre Workshop

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