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Subject: [balkans] CfA: Remapping Skopje, Interdisciplinary workshop,
Skopje, 29.9–5.10.08
From:    "Julia Lechler" <julia.lechler la gmx.net>
Date:    Fri, August 22, 2008 10:21
To:      balkans la yahoogroups.com

CfA: "Remapping Skopje"- Interdisciplinary international workshop-week
at the cultural centre "Tocka" in Skopje from 29.09. – 05.10.2008

Within the workshop "Remapping Skopje" we want to initiate broad
(artistic) reflections on Skopje's contemporary city space and to take
a different and differentiated look on the city.
The objective is to identify the multitude of historical, social,
personal layers and narratives of the city's spaces and to visualise
them as well as to make them communicable.
In particular we intend to show the complexity and heterogeneity of
Skopje and to make a contribution towards overcoming the division of
the city along ethnic lines, albeit only a small one.

For the workshop we invite 16 people from the fields of art,
architecture, urban planning, geography and literature/ writing to
explore the city in different ways and under the guidance of experts
from abroad.
In line with the heterogeneity of Skopje, the participants contribute
through their interdisciplinary viewpoints as well as through their
different ethnic and national backgrounds and will read the city on
the basis of their specific artistic, theoretical and philosophical

We are planning to start the workshop with an introduction into the
methodology of mapping and similar approaches inspired by the
"Situationist International" and the psycho-geographical movement of
the 1960ies. Subsequently we will form smaller working units who are
going to "remap" the city according to their own ideas.
"Mapping" as a methodology in contemporary art, urban planning and
architecture is a specific approach towards space and place. It
includes observing, collecting and documenting and utilises a wide
range of media: photography, notes, video etc up to the drawing of maps.

During the week we will to offer a variety of lectures and
presentations by the foreign participants as well as different themed
walks through the city aimed at the workshop group and also at the
general public. The workshop will conclude with a public presentation
of the results and will be documented on the internet as well as in a
printed publication.
The working language during the workshop will be English.

To apply please send your CV and a one page of motivation letter or an
outline of your possibly intended personal contribution in English or
German to
julia.lechler la kulturmanager.net

Deadline: 08.09.2008

For further information please contact
julia.lechler la kulturmanager.net
Tel: 00389-2-31 79 825

The project will be supported by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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