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"Arts Factory" Residency at the Art and Cultural Studies Laboratory

Where: Yerevan, Armenia
When: 2008/2009
Deadline: ongoing deadline

ARTIST RESIDENCY will commence on August, 2008, in Yerevan, Armenia.


Art and Cultural Studies Laboratory (ACSL) is a non-profit,
non-governmental organization was established in Yerevan, Armenia and is
now a leading model for similar institutions internationally.

The aim of the organization is to support the development of contemporary
creativity and carry out projects by international and Armenian artists to
foster discussion and research into themes which are of vital importance
for society and culture.

Organizing artist residency, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and
workshops are within the scope of our organization. ACSL promotes and
diffuses contemporary creativity. A group of Armenian artists, art and
cultural critics are involved in the organization which co-operates with
international artists.

ACSL proposes to work in collaboration with a cultural company in Ireland
which is located in The Irish Gaeltacht. Cló is an artist lead initiative
providing a platform for creative exchange between artists worldwide and
the Gaeltacht community. It fosters the emergence of artists in the
Gaeltacht through providing access to professional development services.

2. ARTIST RESIDENCY “ARTS FACTORY”, all the year round (12 months).

This year ARTIST RESIDENCY “ARTS FACTORY” will commence on August, 2008,
in Yerevan, Armenia.

The primary aim will be for the artists to work on an agreed project

in Yerevan, Armenia (North district “Djrvej”). However transporting the
artists to a different environment is expected to have many other
benefits. These include:

• Opportunities for a new physical environment to impact upon the artist’s
• Cross fertilization of ideas with residents of other cultures
• Professional Development opportunities e.g. invitations to exhibit

The “ARTS FACTORY” is a major artists’ residency and project workshop for
the promotion of contemporary and other categories of art and
international exchange.

Art Disciplines: Visual Arts, Curatorial, Art critical researches,
Composing, Crafts, Dance, Fiction, Non Fiction, Theatre, Playwriting,
Screenwriting, Film making, other (specify).

Each year the ACSL is able to hold 30 individuals to participate in the


The ARTIST RESIDENCY “ARTS FACTORY” is located in one of the districts of
Yerevan called Djrvej and has occupied 10,000 m/sq territory. The region
is not far from the city center (It takes 20 minutes by car).The territory
is in a suitable place away from city life and near to the countryside.
The territory is enclosed with a large gate and includes two buildings;
art factory and comfortable living quarters. It gives a possibility to
live and work the same area.

ACSL will offer twelve - month residency, commencing this year in August,
2008, to be used towards living and some material supports depending on
the volume of artists’ works (if they don’t required something specific).

ACSL takes care of the territory rent in Djrvej (studios, exhibition hall,
factory with all necessary equipments and tools), as well as utility
expenses (gas, electricity, hot water except winter months’ stay heating
expenses, TV-set, internet).

The territory has all conveniences for land art.

1. The living house has got 4 floors.
* There are two large studios on the first floor. Each of them is 12m#10m
height-3,5 m (120m/sq), with a big gate.
* There are four separate apartments on the 2nd and the 3rd floors (2
apartments on each floor).
* Each apartment has 4 bedrooms (15m/sq each one), 2 bathrooms, 1 well
living room with all conveniences (TV, furniture, telephone, internet )
and 1 kitchen with gas, hot and cold water, refrigerator and etc.
* On the 4th floor there is a large multifunction studio 240 m/sq with a
bathroom and barbeque place.
* There is also a computer room, restroom and an open balcony with view to
the Biblical Mountain Ararat.

2. The 2nd building is a factory (1152m/sq), there are plenty of
multifunctional technical machines: 3 cars, 1 lorry, 3 ovens for ceramic
works, computer studio (video editing, recording etc.) and a music studio
(arrangement, recording of live music, mixing, mastering etc. ) with
technical support.
*The centre has cars for rent as well as, the cars can be rented by the
artists with or without a driver.

Near this factory is a fresh air studio and an old factory building, which
can be used as a studio, exhibition venue or for other kind of big

Possible extra options:

- smith craft
- gold smithy
- sculpture of all types
- printmaking
- tours to historical places of Armenia
- tour to the Armenian brandy factory in Yerevan
- visit to the art spaces, galleries and schools

Administrator of that territory is Armen Miqaelyan, e-mail: info la malver.net

Criteria and Eligibility

Knowledge of English is obligatory.
Artists experience in giving floor talks, participating in exhibitions,
seminars, workshops or panels will thus be an advantage.


On completion of the residency the selected artist will get a Certificate
of participation in the ARTIST-RESIDENCY “ARTS FACTORY”, Booklet or
Catalog on Final Exhibition and will provide a detailed report that gives
an account of project completion and of all the professional activities in
which the artist has engaged while in Yerevan. The report is an important
resource for ACSL helping to build a picture of what is being achieved
over time through similar initiatives.


There is no an application or exhibition fee.

We would love to invite all participants but we are a young non-profit
organization and, unfortunately we do not have the budget which would
allow us to cover travel. However, if participants can find resources to
cover their travel expenses, living costs and medical insurance through an
institution in their country, we will be happy to provide any official
letter required.

But we are ready to provide you with materials you need. We have
well-provided free-charged studios for preparing art works, workshops,
computer-hall, hard ware, soft ware, internet, some equipments and
necessary tools.

DEADLINE: We have no deadline, but all potential members have to apply to
ACSL at least one month before their preferable residency date.

*Minimal duration for Artist-Residency “Arts Factory” is 2 weeks.

If the duration of the residency coincides with the date of International
Forum on Contemporary Art (autumn) and International Annual Forum on
Gender Studies “Gender Trouble” (spring) each member of the
ARTIST-RESIDENCY “ARTS FACTORY” can take part in the above mentioned


2 Catalogues will be publishing every year date to ACSL 2 events:
International Forum on Contemporary Art (autumn) and International Annual
Exhibition on Gender Studies “Gender Trouble” (spring). Besides the
theoretical texts, there are small texts, photos and credits for each
project. Digital type of Catalog is available, too.

Where to Send your apply

Please send your application package, by post or courier, to the ACSL
office specifying the program title: ARTIST-RESIDENCY “ARTS FACTORY”

PLEASE NOTE: There are 2 types of participation: by Official Invitation
and filled application form.

Form more information and files downloading, please visit our website:
http://www.acsl.org.am or contact with Susanna Gyulamiryan, Mkrtich
Tonoyan: E-MAIL: info la acsl.org.am.

Postal address: Susanna Gyulamiryan
ACSL (T) + 374 10 64 20 47, (Mob.) + 374 91 944 783
8 Roubinyants, apt 17,
Yerevan, Armenia, 0069 Mkrtich Tonoyan
Mkrtich Tonoyan (T.) + 374 10 24 42 13
Susanna Gyulamiryan (Mob.) + 374 91 23 24 55, (Fax ) + 374 10 64 34 32

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