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***(Please circulate widely)***


The Central and Eastern Europe magazine PLOTKI is looking for photo,
picture, graphic, movie, animation, sound, text and multimedia contributions for the next online issue in December 2008 on:


*       Stop by a flea market in your city and tell share with us your most exciting discoveries in the pile of extraordinary, counterfeit or however special goods - clothing, shoes, handbags, fragrances, antiques, violins, gramophones, books, chinas, diners services, coins, military honours, lace, carpets, traditional knitting and fabrics, buckled glass, food – or your bicycle you believed to be in your cellar. Flea markets are about meeting, swapping, trading goods and, with them, their significance. 

*       What about the traders? Do you want to share with us what you have discovered about their story? Why is that lady in her 50s selling meat on the market after working in the Academy of Sciences for more than two decades? How do those three guys from Azerbaijan manage to bring tons for water melons to Moscow every week, what's the story of the Polish guy with his sausages in East London? What made the sociology student in your neighbourhood producing hand bags and sell them on the market?

*       Flea markets involve bargaining. What was you best deal ever and how did you make it?
*       How did your flea market change over time? What is the story behind, what rumours are going around? Any threat that it might be closed soon as the property is going to be sold or as a new utilisation concept has been approved by your City Council? Did you notice some degree of commercialisation when looking at items and prices on your market?

*       Any thought or story about the concept of recycling and re-using?

We invite you to (re)discover the flea market, from any perspective that appeals to you. Share with us your thoughts, your opinions, your stories about flea markets, about your best ever flea market buys and the people you met during your shopping rite.

PLOTKI is looking for interesting contributions like stories, poems,
photography, graphics, audio or video. 

Submit to: fleamarket la plotki. mailto:fleamarket la plotki.net

Deadline: 10 November 2008


Please, consider our Guidelines for contributors at http://plotki.
<http://plotki.net/guidelines> net/guidelines


Looking forward to your contributions,

Kristin and Irina

PLOTKI is a project from around the bloc.

PLOTKI spreads rumours.

PLOTKI investigates our cultural sphere.

PLOTKI is interested in original reports, interviews, stories, research that
cannot be found in other media.

PLOTKI encourages rumour hunting across Central and Eastern Europe.
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