[Oberlist] Proiectul "The people-animals” by Fiodorova Tatiana (MD) in Periferic 8 – Art as Gift

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Joi Oct 2 20:25:12 CEST 2008

  *Periferic 8 – Art as Gift*
*Biennial for Contemporary Art*
*Iasi**, Romania** *
*3-18 October 2008*

*Curated by Dora Hegyi (project leader of tranzit. hu/ Budapest, Hungary)*
*Organized by the Vector Association (Iasi/Romania)*

*Opening: *
*3 October 2008, 4pm *
*National Theatre **"**Vasile Alecsandri**"** Iasi*

*Periferic 8*
The 8th edition of Periferic Biennial for Contemporary Art attempts to
re-address the question regarding the conditions and possibilities for
producing art events in Romania, in the new situation created by the recent
economical developments.  The event proposes self-repositioning and the
involvement of different layers of public in order to grant a dynamic and
democratic access to contemporary art events.
*Concept - Art as Gift*
The concept of the biennial proposes an alternative model of exchange and
raises the question "can art be regarded as a gift?". While Periferic
Biennials have always challenged the market-based mechanisms of contemporary
art, Periferic 8 directly analyzes the speculative methods that influence
the realization and social value of art.

   Within the framework of biennial will be has shown the project "The
people-animals" by Fiodorova Tatiana(MD). It is a reflection about the vital
existence of people in Post Soviet time in Post Soviet space. The photo for
this project was made at one of the railway stations in Byelorussia. The
inhabitants of this district, UNTIL NOW, receive a salary of children`s soft

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