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Subject: [artinfo] EGOART PRIZE 2007

e-artnow presents: EGOART PRIZE 2007

      Call for entries
      EGOART PRIZE 2007

      Contact: Viktor Freso
      prize la egoart.sk


      Deadline 28.12.2007

The art prize EGOART, first awarded in 2003, was created as a natural
alternative to other fine art awards in the European region. The main aim
of the prize is to assess contemporary art projects and works of art
without any restrictive formal or thematic criteria. We especially welcome
works of art which reach out from the contemporary art "mainstream".
The winner, chosen by a five-member jury, will win a solo exhibition in
Kressling Gallery in Bratislava. The exhibition will be accompanied by an
international presentation and press material publications.
The prize is open to any artist, individual or legal entity; the art group
Egoart itself does not apply for the art prize. Due to the transparent and
non-restrictive application rules more then 300 artists apply for the
prize annually. We would hereby like to thank them for their trust and
express our pride that we have been creating an art prize with high credit
and broad interest of artistic public since 2003.

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