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Graduate Programme in Curatorial Practice

The Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice at California College of the
Arts in San Francisco is a two-year master's degree programme offering an
expanded perspective on curating contemporary art and culture. Alongside
traditional forms of exhibition making, the programme emphasizes the
momentous impact in the last half century of artist-led initiatives,
public art projects, site-specific commissions, and other experimental
endeavors that take place beyond the confines of established venues. The
program is distinguished by an international, interdisciplinary
The program was established in 2003 by curators Kate Fowle and Ralph
Rugoff. It provides practical training in curating and organizing
exhibitions as well as rigorous study in modern and contemporary art
history, theory, and criticism. Close, ongoing partnerships with outside
organizations bring students into direct contact with artworks, archival
materials, and artists, and allow them to engage in original research and
collaborative projects. The programme also organizes numerous exhibitions,
lectures, symposia, and other new forums for the discussion of ideas.
Central to the programme's philosophy is the development of the curriculum
with faculty who are active professionals. Core instructors include
curators, art historians, and other art professionals from prominent
institutions throughout the Bay Area.
Application deadline is 15 January 2009. An undergraduate degree in the
history of art, fine art, or other appropriate area of the humanities or
social sciences is required, as well as relevant practical experience in
the visual arts and a demonstrated commitment to curating. For full
details on the application process please visit
http://www.cca.edu/admissions/grad or contact Allison Terbush, programme
manager, at aterbush la cca.edu or 415.551.9239.
Contact: Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice, California College of
the Arts, 1111 Eighth Street, San Francisco CA 94107, USA; tel.:
415.551.9239; http://www.cca.edu/curatorialpractice,


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