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Dum Noi 9 09:06:42 CET 2008

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Codeep Media-Art Society
MOTA - Museum of Transitory Art Ljubljana

artist- in- residency programme in Ljubljana

TARGET GROUP: international
DISCIPLINE: temporary art, audiovisual art, interactive and robotic art,
performance art in public space, live cinema, experimental interventions
DURATION: max.1 month
MOTA is the first A.I.R. program in Ljubljana focused on interactive art,
sound, performance, video. We offer a living and working platform for
experimental art projects and ideas during one month residency period.
Artists are required to give at least one presentation or workshop in
addition to executing their work.

The residency offers living-working studio in the very center of
Ljubljana, next to central market. The apartment has two rooms, a bathroom
and a mini kitchen. One lunch per day is provided in the restaurant of
Codelli Castle. In addition, MOTA offers 1 bicycle for resident.

There is a PC with internet connection in the apartment. We will arrange
for specific technical equipment upon request.

Paid by host are accommodation, technical support and materials needed for
the execution of the work. Paid by artist are only travel expenses.

Please find application forms online or contact us via e-mail!

data limita: year-round

Codeep Media-Art Society
MOTA - Museum of Transitory Art Ljubljana
Rožna dolina cesta II/36
1000 Ljubljana
email: info la codeep.org


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