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Subject: [artbox] CALL OF PROPOSLAS-performing artists
From:    "Stephan A. Shtereff" <stephan.shtereff la gmail.com>
Date:    Mon, February 23, 2009 12:30
To:      "Artbox" <artbox la groups.cult.bg>


The Kunst- und Kuenstlerhaus Schwankhalle - a centre for performing arts in
Bremen/ Germany - is again welcoming  students* of the performing arts and
its related subjects during the OUTNOW!-festival from June 3rd-13th. The
festival first started in 1994 under the name of "branch board"; since 2004
OUTNOW! has annually presented a representative selection of international
student's works.

OUTNOW! is a forum for up-and-coming international artists. Prospective
actors, directors, dancers, choreographers, puppeteers, performing artists,
musicians and visual artists are invited to present their work outside their
schools or academies to the general public and to see and discuss other
student's work.

OUTNOW! offers a platform for exchange of artistic experience and approach
and the possibility to build up an international network between young
artists. Curiosity, encountering different countries and disciplines and
exchanging ideas are the main issues of this festival. Thereby - beside the
presentation of the student$B!-(Bs productions - the collective
workshops with
various, rather unusual artistic themes are an important feature of OUTNOW!
Discussions, open-air cinema with movies by young filmmakers, concerts with
newcomer-bands and parties will complement the festival.

*Students* of the named subjects are warmly invited to send their
application for taking part and presenting their work until March 21**st**,
2009.*The productions/ works shouldn't be more than a year old;
there$B!-(Bs *no
condition* to show a full-length performance/film, and also outdoor works
are welcome. Music productions should show a performative character.

If your play is chosen for presentation, the Kunst- und Kuenstlerhaus
Schwankhalle Bremen will take care of the travel- and transport costs, as
well as accommodation. There are no fees.

*New! *The OUTNOW_*DORMITORY:* Since the exchange between the young artists
is the main issue of the festival, we will also offer the opportunity of
participation to students who can$B!-(Bt present a production of their
own - be
welcome to watch, work, discuss and party! Register*until May 15**th** *and
you$B!-(Bll get a bed,  breakfast and the favourable festival pass valid
for all
events and for participation in the workshops.

** *Being a student is not necessarily a prerequisite for participation -
"self-taught" artists as well as alumni who graduated within the last year
are welcome to hand in their work.

The attached application form you'll also find unter: *


[image: $B'"'b'Q'e'Y'l'b'l'd(B $B'S'Z(B $B'^'`'X'V(B $B'U'Q(B
$B'_'V(B $B'a'`'U'U'l'b'X'Q(B $B'a'`'\'Q'Y'S'Q'_'V(B $B'_'Q(B
$B'd'`'S'Q(B $B'Z'Y'`'R'b'Q'X'V'_'Z'V(B.][image:
$B'"'b'Q'e'Y'l'b'l'd(B $B'S'Z(B $B'^'`'X'V(B $B'U'Q(B $B'_'V(B
$B'a'`'U'U'l'b'X'Q(B $B'a'`'\'Q'Y'S'Q'_'V(B $B'_'Q(B $B'd'`'S'Q(B


Send the application form including the additional information/material to

Anne Hirth, OUTNOW! Festival, Fidicinstrasse 11, D- 10965 Berlin, Germany,
phone: 0049 177 317 89 25, mail:
*outnow la schwankhalle.de*<outnow la schwankhalle.de>

 *Please add:*

- 1 dvd, cd or videotape; short description with cast

- technical requirements, transport list, lighting plan, number of people
travelling; for

  installations and/or exhibits please name the floor space required.
name of the group:

number of members:
performance /title:

director /choreograph:

school /university:date of opening
lenghth:                            break yes/no:

next dates:
contact person:address:phone:

Possible time of presence during festival period (preferably not less than 4

*OUTNOW_DORMITORY:* If you would like to register without showing an own
production, please write an email to
*outnow la schwankhalle.de*<outnow la schwankhalle.de>.
Please name your name, school/university, artistic field you$B!-(Bre
working in,
address, phone, mail and time of presence planned at the festival.

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