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Subiect: About project Remake
De la:   "R.E.P. group" <revolutionaryexperimentalspace la gmail.com>
Data:    Mie, Februarie 25, 2009 17:38
Către:  "R.E.P. group" <revolutionaryexperimentalspace la gmail.com>

EIDOS Arts Development Foundation

Presents project


 EIDOS Arts Development Foundation is proceeding with an art intrusion into
the city space. This activity aims the understanding of the problem of
pollution environment and personal responsibility for its solving.

Numerous modern packing materials are made of a high quality plastic.
Actually it is produced specially to remain goods safe and intact for a long
period. It is known that for many years plastic could not be decomposed. So
why could not be used this characteristic in full value?

«Remake» is an art project that underlines the possibility of repeated
garbage usage, it suggests variants, invites to the creative dialogue.

What is "remake"? It is new comfortable and stylish packing for your goods.
In such packing you may keep everything – from school breakfast to bicycle
medicine, from CD to computer cables set.

The project is realized with the use of advertising instruments: stands at
Kyiv subway escalators, posters, postcards, etc.The market methods which
stimulate consumer activity may play an important role in the forming of an
ecologically conscious generation.

Artists: Kseniya Gnylytska and Anton Smirnov.

More on the official site:


*The project starts on February 18, 2009 ** *

* **The point of view presented in this document may not coincide with the
point of view of the Foundation or the United States Agency for
International Development (USAID).***

*Information for press: *

Alina Zazymko

Coordinator of the «Remake»project

Tel. +38 067 502 38 66

alina.zazymko la gmail.com<http://mail.yandex.ru/r?url=http%3A%2F%2Fmail.yandex.ru%2Fclassic%2Fcompose%3Fmailto%3Dmailto%3Aalina.zazymko@gmail.com&ids=9130000000202186743&fs=inbox>

The continuous expansion of consumption leads to unprecedented increase of
garbage that Ukrainians throw away every day. Waste of human vital
activities, very often impossible for utilization, is accumulated in special
zones or burned, poisoning the soil and air. The level of ecological culture
in Ukraine is also dangerously low. Majority of Ukrainians are unaware that
some packaging thrown out every day accumulates and pollutes the

Meanwhile the problem of preserving the environment is not at the centre of
social attention. The community is concerned about other, “more interesting”
and “more important” issues. The problem of garbage utilization is an
individual problem of everyone who lives in the city. Contemporary art can
and must approach serious subjects such as preserving the environment.
Clearly, artists can not solve the problem independently but they can
underline the necessity for community attention.

Project «REMAKE» shows the possibility of repeated usage of garbage. The
authors do not pretend to transform all garbage into hand-craft items. They
urge every Ukrainian to think about proper domestic waste disposal, and feel
personal responsibility for the ecological situation in the country,
ultimately stopping nature pollution.

The project is realized with the use of advertising instruments. The market
methods which stimulate consumer activity may play an important role in the
creation of an ecologically conscious nation.

Yulya Balayeva

Best regards, R.E.P.
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