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Subject: [artbox] Le Fresnoy: two-year program of art training,
production, exhibition and promotion
From:    "Margarita Dorovska" <mdorovska la mail.cult.bg>
Date:    Tue, April 21, 2009 13:28
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Le Fresnoy
Studio National des Arts Contemporains

A two-year program of art training, production, exhibition and promotion.

Le Fresnoy is a post-graduate art and audiovisual research centre and
the emphasis is on breaking down the barriers between media and languages.

The work of production is complemented by an ambitious communications
policy. This includes various exhibitions and events which explore all
aspects of creativity, in particular 'Panorama', when all the works
produced at Le Fresnoy are presented under the auspices of a guest
chairman every year in June. The theoretical and practical work embraces
all audiovisual languages, from electronic and traditional media
(photography, cinema, video) to digital technology and other state of
the art media developments.

Le Fresnoy is designed for students of all nationalities seeking to
develop their knowledge and expertise in audiovisual media by working on
projects intended as a first step towards a professional career.
Applications are considered from all educational backgrounds and from
all creative fields (visual arts, cinema, photography, video,
architecture, music, performing arts, etc.).

To realise his or her project, each student is allotted a budget and
given access to the Studio's production, post-production and screening
equipment. They are free to choose the content and the artistic form of
their projects providing they respect the school's pedagogical
guidelines. As well as these individual works, students collaborate on
the productions of their fellows and on the projects of visiting
artists. The course also includes historical, technical and theoretical
lectures on various aspects of contemporary art and by days given over
to various aspects of audiovisual production.

Successful completion of the two-year course is recognised by the
National Studio diploma. Students must be free of any commitment liable
to clash with their course.

Le Fresnoy also welcomes visiting students who, if their project is
selected by the commission, are given free access to the school's
technical facilities and accommodation for a limited period. The Studio
has exchange agreements with other French institutions such as the
Académie de France in Rome (Villa Medicis) and the Ecole Nationale
Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, as well as with a number of
establishments abroad (Université de Québec à Montréal, Ryerson
University in Toronto, Pasadema Art Center and the College of Design in
California etc.). Finally, it welcomes those studying for the Diplôme
National Supérieur d'Expression Plastique (DNSEP), as visiting students.

The selection procedure is open to all candidates, of any sex or
nationality, aged 35 years maximum on 1st January of the current year
(i.e. born after 31st December 1973).

The candidates must be able to provide proof of:
A levels or Baccalauréat (or recognised equivalent) + 5 years of study
validated by a diploma;

or A levels or Baccalauréat (or recognised equivalent) + 7 years
artistic or professional experience; in this case, a one page argument
should be sent with the administrative application to explain how this
experience is relevant to the course at Le Fresnoy.

It is essential to have good working knowledge of both French and English.

The application procedure is free.

Apart from the 760 euros enrolment fee, payable before the term starts
in October, the course is free.

Deadlines: 15/05/09-postmark

Le Fresnoy
22, rue du Fresnoy, BP 80179
59202 Tourcoing cedex
tel: (+33 (0)3 20 28 38 61
fax: +33 (0)3 20 28 38 99
communication la lefresnoy.net
Vir podatka:  Le Fresnoy

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