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Subject: [turm4] Herbst Akademie am Steirischen Herbst

@ steirischer herbst 2009:
The herbst Academy is holding two international workshops for students,
artists and theorists once again this year. Deadline for applications is

herbst Academy 2009

All the Same -- What is valid if everything is valid?
Two workshops for students, artists, theorists and others

Our societies are in a crisis of equality -- although we are far removed
from the goal of egalitarianism: The gap between rich and poor is
growing ever larger, with no chance of equal opportunities. Other
inequalities are upheld by intolerance, fear, protection of vested
rights, and envy. Despite all of this, every ideology finds an equality
argument to suit its agenda: Neoliberal desolidarisation campaigns
propagate that anyone can achieve social advancement if only they want
to. Elsewhere, tolerance becomes synonymous with indifference towards
the fate of others or serves to avoid having one's own opinions.

Amidst all of this there appears a call for new, old values that are
believed to have been made equal. Values that ensure that social and
geographical gaps are upheld, guaranteeing sovereignty of opinion and
protection of property. But, on the other hand, values that also
organise social life, defining criteria for acting or not acting, for
our dealings with each other.

The fast-paced social and economic change in recent years creates a
sense that nothing is equal any more, that there is not enough sameness
in society, no longer enough things that are valid for everyone, to
define a common standard. And, at the same time, that there is too much
indifference, that the most varied biographies and identities are
indiscriminately made equal, and that we ourselves are increasingly
coming to resemble the others and becoming indistinguishable from them.

The herbst Academy of this year's steirischer herbst festival plays with
the notion of "All the Same" that, on the one hand, describes a lack of
interest that we develop towards the present, the future and the past.
And, on the other hand, that demands the same validity: equal rights,
respect for other cultural values, ways of life and cultures, making
concessions as regards interests that are purely self-serving. As a
social mission, as a utopia, and as an everyday demand. In this context
two workshops for around 15 young, international artists and theorists
will form a kind of backbone of the festival and follow in terms of
their focus these underlying thoughts.

Workshop I (05/10 - 10/10/2009)
The Long Memory of Cocaine.
Modernity and the transformations of value and labour
By Max Hinderer (D)
With John Barker (GB) & Jorge Hurtado (BOL)

To us, modernity is not a phenomenon of style, rather it begins with the
first colonial conquest, its enrichment and its genocides: Eduardo
Galeano's "Open Veins of Latin America" (1973) describes the structural
exploitation of Latin American resources and the productive power of its
inhabitants through the colonial centuries to the present day. The
exploited silver and gold shipped from the colonies to Europe in the
sixteenth and seventeenth centuries generated an incredible accumulation
of capital here, that took place at the same time as the process of
"original accumulation" in England described by Marx, and that may be
regarded as the advent of the modern capitalist age. But what silver was
to the Habsburg monarchs of Spain, cocaine was to the Thatcher / Reagan
The history and upheavals of the modern age are reflected particularly
clearly, however, in the un-relation between the natural coca leaf,
millenarian crop plant of the Andes regions, and cocaine, a German
pharmaceutical product from the late nineteenth century. Yet it is the
long memory of cocaine that today links the colonial exploitation of the
silver mines with Wall Street and the producers of immaterial labour.
The workshop offers an economy-critical interpretation of the relation
of modernity, the un-relation of coca / cocaine and immaterial labour.

On 10/10/2009, the workshop will visit the steirischer herbst
"Conference of Elective Affinities" (with Krassimira Kruschkowa, Marcus
Steinweg, Bernhard Waldenfels and many more).

Workshop II (12/10 - 17/10/2009)
Stratagames: A Theatre of Operations
By Tomislav Medak, Sergej Goran Prista? & Ivana Ivkovic / BADco. (HR)
With Bryan Finoki (USA), Marko Peljhan (SI), Ana Vujavnovic (RS) &
Dmitry Vilensky (RS)

Those in positions of authority expect artistic acts to be clear and
conclusive when engaging the political or the social - to present
findings, to mediate where learning fails, to teach lessons, to
enlighten the ignorant, to speak out for those who can't. And yet this
ascription of authority, this expectation of clarity, this consolation
of conclusiveness leaves us with a very particular understanding of the
capacity of art: works of art need to be transparent, spectators
emancipated, issues instructed down.
Daunted by this slightly patronising allure, we are setting out to
explore dispositions and situations where the work becomes unclear,
divisive, antagonized from within; where its unfolding becomes a
negotiation between the artist and spectator; where its effect becomes
premised upon an equality of their respective capacities. We are
interested in how stratagems, strategies and operations can be employed
in the work and called upon in the encounter with the work - in order to
unsettle its conclusiveness, to bring into play on either side the
strategizing reason, to face off the political cunning of the spectator
and the creator.
We will follow the trajectory of strategizing interventions --
strategames, as we call them -- through theatrical, artistic,
technological, architectural, political practices, drawing upon board
games, military concepts, game theories, deus ex machina, illusionist
tricks, Ponzi schemes, political hoaxes and the whole wild catalogue of
manipulations, machinations, challenges and negotiations that we can
think of.

Co-produced by NXTSTP, with the support of the Culture Programme of the
European Union

For further information visit:
or german:


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