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Subject: [Info_Culture] Call: ASEF Workshop for young Climate Leaders
From:    "Bianca Floarea" <biancafloarea la yahoo.com>
Date:    Mon, August 17, 2009 13:44
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ASEF’s upcoming Workshop Climate Leaders: Release your Creative Powers
(Bangkok, October 2009)

The Workshop Climate Leaders: Release your Creative Powers/How can art
enhance our ability to think and act differently is being organised by the
Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) in association with the British Council
–East Asia. The Workshop aims to build the capacities of young Climate
Leaders from various sectors (including the arts and creative industries)
who are keenly interested in engaging with climate change by taking on
leadership roles in their local communities.

This Workshop is being organised by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) as
part of the Connect2Culture
programme of the Department of Cultural Exchange
which explores connections between the arts, culture and pressing
environmental issues. This Workshop will be a part of Arts, Culture and
Sustainability: Building Synergies across Asia and Europe, which marks the
second year of initiatives under Connect2Culture. Through this Workshop,
ASEF also builds on experience gathered in the first year of
Connect2Culture through the Asia-Europe Dialogue on Art, Culture and
Climate Change
(Beijing, 2008).

We particularly welcome applications from Eastern Europe. The Call for
Application for the Workshop is now open. Deadline for applications is 01
September 2009.

We look forward to your support in reaching inspired young Climate Leaders
in your region.

Best regards,

Anupama Sekhar

Anupama SEKHAR (Ms) | Project Executive, Cultural Exchange | Asia-Europe
Foundation (ASEF)
31 Heng Mui Keng Terrace, Singapore 119595
DID: +(65) 6874 9712  | Fax: 00 65 6872 1207 | E-mail:
anupama.sekhar la asef.org
Website: http://www.asef.org
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