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Subject: Open Call for 2010: e-text+textiles Residency in Riga, Latvia
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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

electronic-text+textiles Residency (e-t+t) in Riga welcomes applications for
the period from January 2010 to December 2010.

*e-t+t** *is an interdisciplinary platform facilitating artistic
investigation and production in the fields of literature, language,
textiles, and material culture, promoting expression at the intersections of
print, cloth, and electronic technologies.

Please see information below and at our website:


Detailed information on how to apply you will find under the RESIDENCY

The Residency offers a great opportunity not only to develop one’s creative
ideas and research interests in a very spacious, modern studio/apartment in
one of the most beautiful parts of Riga but also to enjoy the emerging
Baltic arts and literary scene, the Baltic Sea and healthy local food. The
Residency can accommodate up to two related persons at one time. Joint
applications are also welcomed.

With the June 2010 meeting of the European Society for Literature, Science,
and the Arts in Riga , we expect this to be a banner year for the Residency
at e-t+t. For more information on conference please visit:

Please forward this information to anyone who might be interested. Thank

Best regards,

Anda Klavina

e-t+t Project Manager

aklavina at yahoo.co.uk

www..e-text+textiles.lv <http://www.e-text+textiles.lv/>

371 26880458

RESIDENCY IN RIGA , LATVIA: electronic-text+textiles PROJECT

The electronic-text+textiles Project (e-t+t Project) invites applications
for its Residency in Riga , Latvia , for the year 2010. The Residency
welcomes artists, designers, writers, and theoreticians working within or
across of the fields of literature and the arts, in particular textiles
related. The e-t+t Project encourages projects that through a mix of
conceptual investigations and material productions in art and literature
give direction and cultural context to technological change and the
electronic disturbance.


Artists, designers, writers, and theoreticians who submit a short project
proposal and are subsequently selected, become Residents at the e-t+t
Project. The term of a Residency can be as short as a week or as long as
several months. During the period of one's stay, a Resident artist, designer
or writer will have exclusive use of a live/work apartment in Riga , access
to artists, writers, and culture administrators working in the Baltics, and
continuing access to an extensive network of writers, artists, critics, and
scholars working in electronic environments worldwide.

Residents will be free to pursue their own or collaborative projects,
although we expect that the Resident's work should appear in some form in
ebr (www.electronicbookreview.com) or at the Alt-X site (www.altx.com).
Residents will be expected, also, to meet with members of the local arts and
literary communities, either informally or by giving a lecture or seminar at
the Residence workplace.

The studio is appropriate for 'tidy' practices such as writing, collation of
information, digital work, visual research, drawing, and small-scale
experimentation and production. Larger productions such as weaving,
printing, and so forth shall be executed in collaboration with other venues,
which will be negotiated on an individual basis.


Niamh McDonnell, philosopher/artist. Project: “Digital Archiving and Virtual

Vera Buhlmann, media philosopher, Swiss Federal institute for Technology
(ETH, Zurich ). Project: “The Differential as a Figure of Thought - Some
Narratives Inbetween”;

Maria Damon, poet, English literature professor at the Minnesota University
. Essay “Text, Textile, Exile: Meditation on Poetics, Metaphor and Net-Work”
is available at


Ongoing until the 15th of December 2009.


For more information about the Residency and how to apply please visit
www.e-text-textiles.lv (RESIDENCY section)

Any further enquires regarding this call please send to:

Anda Klavina at: aklavina at yahoo.com
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