[Oberlist] crosstalk Video Presentations, December 10th in Műcsarnok. Invited artist: Joachim Smetschka (A)

Adrien Török adrien.torok at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 17:57:14 CET 2009

As part of  *crosstalk video art festival* 2010 (www.crosstalk.hu) the
monthly organised talk series *crosstalk Video Presentations* start again.

Video and Media Artists from Hungary and from outside Hungary are invited to
do a presentation and have a discussion with the audience.  The aim of the
events is to introduce contemporary video artists (from and outside our
country) and to make the audiences acquainted with video art as such and
also to nurture this field of art.

 One is going to meet a couple of new changes this year. There has been
changes in the structure of the presentations and the venues are going to be
different too. Video Presentations are moving from last year's location the
Labor (1053 Budapest, Képíró u. 6.) to the spacious rooms of *Műcsarnok *(1146
Dózsa György út 37.)

Next invited artist: *Joachim Smetschka (A)*

Date: *Thursday, 10th December 2009 *Time: *7pm*

After studying "experimental visual design" he is working in the fields of
still and moving images and interactive arts.
Besides this serious pursuit he was busy with commercial stuff for a couple
of years as a designer and director in advertising.
As a member of Ars Electronica Futurelab in the late 90´s he was responsible
for numerous projects in conception, creating and curating.

Since five years he is part of the developing- and administration-team for
the branch of studies "timebased and interactive media" at the University
for Art and Design in Linz, where he is teaching as well.

His work is dealing with diverse phenomenons in context of manipulation in
media with a strong focus on different aspects of "time": changes in
perception through manipulation of temporal structures and intermediate
spaces of time.
Researching paradox aspects within dynamic systems and their counterparts,
there is one big interest that is connecting his very diverse works: the
question of what is happening "inbetween"...
e.g.  in between the single frames of a film, in between the visible and the
invisible, in between a body and the space it is moving through, in between
the moment of forgetting and total oblivion, etc.

Venue:  *Műcsarnok* (1146 Dózsa György út 37.)

More information:  http://www.crosstalk.hu/2009_site/2009_video_hu.html,

adrien.torok at gmail.com or http://jo.smetschka.com/**


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