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The applications for the autumn/winter residency round are accepted
between 15 July—18 August, 2013.

Residency date is 15 October—22 December, 2013.

4 residents will be invited for residencies this term.

For three of the residencies, the topic of the project is open.

For the fourth residency, applicants are encouraged to submit a proposal
which would involve a partnership with a Vilnius-based institution (from
any sector: art/ social / health / education etc). The resident doesn’t
need to have a formal agreement with the partner institution at the time
of the application.

Each application should include:
A proposal of a project idea to develop throughout the duration of the
Motivational letter
A portfolio (consisting of a maximum of five works)
A link to personal website/blog (optional)
Please send all application materials to residencies at rupert.lt by
midnight, 18 August, 2013.

Successful applicants will be selected for Skype interviews which will
take place the week following the application deadline.

Rupert offers free work&living space for each resident, yet the applicant
is responsible for covering their personal (daily and travel) expenses.
Rupert’s team will support successful participants’ applications in
applying for grants to cover travel and other expenses.

The third round of residencies will take place between January —April 2014.

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