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Open call for Participation

ARTsakh Fest International Contemporary Art Festival in Stepanakert,
Artsakh(Nagorno Karabakh)

Date: 5-7 October, 2018

[image: 26239621_1670152913022868_8028929085782743052_n.jpg]

About the event: ARTsakh Fest <https://www.facebook.com/artsakhfest/> is a
multidisciplinary art event created at ICA pro-lab
<https://www.ica.am/en/labs> that aims to  at strengthening cultural
development at the local level through the formulation and implementation
of cultural programs by inviting the world to Artsakh for an unprecedented
international contemporary art festival. The project aims to help rebuild
essential infrastructures and establish processes to overcome the isolation
– all the while contributing to world culture.

ARTsakh Fest 2018 is the pilot edition of the contemporary art festival in
 Stepanakert, an event of creative interactivity encompassing all aspects
of contemporary arts, such as audio-visual installations, interactive
public art, performances and much more. Alongside the research-based
exhibition there would be various interventions by artists from Artsakh,
Armenia and abroad as well as open workshops including documentary
photography, book illustration and contemporary dance. This will be the
starting point of the festival which is not limited in time and will be
held as an ongoing artistic and cultural activity.

In collaboration with the local community and invited art practitioners, we
want to revitalise this space by reviving the greatness of the building and
its history․ The aim is to showcase the glorious past of the Stepanakert
State Drama theatre and to draw the attention of the local and
international community. The building of the theatre is located on a
beautiful central historical street in Stepanakert. It is currently left
vacant and awaiting renovation, though it continues to be the favourite
spot for the local youth to meet up. From outside the “beauty of
Stepanakert” as it used to be referred to, still looks great t and it has
preserved its initial charm with carved doorways and magnificent arches.

[image: 26757060_1670152909689535_6050986625001017941_o.jpg]

Those who are interested to participate, please note that the festival
focuses on the topic of the history and importance of theatre. It is
recommended for the artists to have clearly developed, conceptual and
artistic solutions in their project proposal. Those  willing to participate
must create original, functionally integrated installation that will be
exhibited for a month in the building of the Stepanakert State Drama
Theatre after Vahram Papazian. The proposed location and context should be

Conditions  of participation:  This  project  is open to  all interested
 artists working in  any media. Projects can  be submitted by an individual
 or group. The number of applications  submitted by each artist or artists’
collective is  not limited. Artists should be able to complete  the work
and cooperate with the organization’s team  in the given terms. Project
curators will assist artists  in the creation of their work.

[image: DSC_1153.JPG]

Project  participants  will retain all  rights to their ideas  and designs.
ARTsakh Fest retains  the right to create printed and digital  materials
including the installations created  by artists, crediting the artists.
Original application  and accompanying materials (description, and
sketches) will  be kept in ICA Yerevan’s archive. Participants should
consider  the environmental impact on their works and ensure durability.
No changes may be made to any existing vegetation or landscape  elements.
Installations must not create obstacles to pedestrian and  vehicle traffic,
and should not impose a threat to the existing environment.

ARTsakh Fest will issue support letters for successful applicants in order
to apply for external funding to cover travel,production and other costs.

The Deadline for application submission is September 15, 2018

Please send your letter of intent or project proposal (max. 700 words)
along with your CV and portfolio (no more than 5 works) to anna at ica.am

For additional information please call directly the Project Curator:

Anna Kamay 00374 55 22 70 53
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