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Hungarian Book Foundation
Grant for translation of Hungarian books

support to foreign publishers for translations of Hungarian literary works

The Translation Fund works within the frames of the Hungarian Book
Foundation. Main tasks are grants for translations from Hungarian and
literary information centre.
Translation grants:
The Fund gives financial support to foreign publishers for translations of
Hungarian literary works, from 40% up to 60% (depending on to the decision
of the jury) of the whole translation costs

of the book the foreign publisher must submit:

an application form
short presentation of author, book, translator and publishing house (most
recent catalogue)
a copy of the contract with the right’s owner
a copy of the contract with the translator.

Deadlines for applications are 31 March and 31 October every year. Grants
will be considered only for books to be published after these dates. The
jury makes it’s decision 6 weeks after the deadlines. All applicants will
be contacted no later than 10 days after the jury’s decision.

Following criteria will be considered:

literary merit of the proposed work
applicant’s ability to carry out the project (high quality translation,
successful distribution).

The Foundation transfers the sum granted directly to the foreign publisher
after receiving three (3) copies of the foreign language edition and a
confirmation signed by the translator about the receipt of his fee.

The translation must be published within two years of the decision,
otherwise the grant is automatically cancelled.

For more detailed information and application forms please contact

data limita: 31. March and 31. October every year

Hungarian Book Foundation
Hermina str. 57
H-1146  Budapest
tel: [+36 1] 384 56 76
dora.karolyi la t-online.hu

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