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n.paradoxa: international feminist art journal
the theme of the next 2 volumes for 2009


n.paradoxa publishes work by women writers, artists and curators which
discusses the work of contemporary women artists (visual arts only) and
its relationship to feminist theory. It has an open submission for every
volume and no regular contributors.
A special feature of the journal are the artists pages, where artists are
asked to produce a 2-6 page work, suitable for the print media.
Suggestions for these are welcome.

n.paradoxa does not publish exhibition reviews, only in-depth articles
which may be based on exhibitions or projects. Interviews are only
commissioned for new work or a review of major projects by women artists.

If you have a proposal for an article, interview, feature or artists'
pages, please send an email with an outline of the idea, the artists, and
the approach you wish to take for articles, interviews, features or

Next volumes:

Volume 25: Pleasure (Jan 2010)
Copy deadline: 1 Nov 2009

Have feminist art practices proposed new models of pleasure? Do they
challenge ideas about women's pleasures or reinforce them? While women
artists have challenged the assumptions embedded within the male gaze,
have they shifted the object position for women in representation as
something-to-be-looked-at? Is there a focus on the different kinds of
visual, aural, sensual, or tactile pleasures in women's contemporary art
work produced in the last 40 years? Articles on the subject of pleasure or
pleasures - visual, aural, sensual, physical or in terms of other forms of
pleasure/pain producing sensations - are welcome.

Volume 26: (July 2010)
Copy deadline: 1 May 2010

Volume 27: (Jan 2011)
Copy deadline: 1 Nov 2010

Online: articles are published as issue numbers (irregularly).

data limita: 01/11/09, 01/05/10, 01/11/10

international feminist art journal
Katy Deepwell, Editor of n.paradoxa
38 Bellot Street
SE10 0AQ London
tel: +44 (0) 208 858 3331
k.deepwell la ukonline.co.uk

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