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Ph.D. in Marketing and Management in the Arts and Cultural Industries is a
new program offered by HEC Montréal starting in September 2010. The Ph.D.
program in Marketing and Management in the Arts and Cultural Industries is
designed for graduate students, more specifically for experienced managers
in the arts and cultural sector who are interested in gaining access to
advanced expertise in their own area of activity.

The program's flexible structure allows students to choose the seminars
and research topics that best suit their career objectives. The Ph.D. in
Marketing and Management for Arts and Cultural Industries offers a
passport to a brilliant career as a university researcher and professor,
as a consultant, or as a senior manager of a major cultural organization
or public arts funder in Canada or abroad (e.g., UNESCO, Arts Council,
Ministry of Culture, etc.).
Students in the program will have the opportunity to participate in the
activities of the Carmelle and Rémi Marcoux Chair in Arts Management, held
by Professor François Colbert. The Chair publishes the International
Journal of Arts Management, which offers specialized articles in the field
of cultural management. In addition to his duties as chairholder and
editor of IJAM, François Colbert is co-chair of the International
Association of Arts and Cultural Management (AIMAC). The Chair also offers
a graduate diploma in the management of cultural organizations.

Contact information:
Professor François Colbert;
e-mail: francois.colbert la hec.ca;

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